Title: Getting Things Done
Author: [personal profile] metisket 
Characters: Allen, Lavi, Hawkeye, Roy & co., Ed and Al
Rating: PG13
Warnings: D.Gray-Man/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover. No real spoilers—set very early on in both series.
Disclaimer: Neither D.Gray-Man nor Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to me. Life is sad like that.
Summary: Allen Walker has an agenda. Roy Mustang has an agenda. Ed’s starting to wish he’d never so much as heard the word ‘agenda.’
Excerpt: “You can’t be here,” Edward snarls, pointing accusingly.
Allen forces himself to stop looking horrified; he pulls the act around himself like a shield, and smiles gamely. “But here I am. Hello, Ed. It’s been a while.”


Title: Frozen Flowers
Author: [personal profile] finite_farfalla 
Characters/Pairings: Cross/Maria
Rating: PG
Lenght: Short
Warnings: Sap :(
Theme: a longing pervades the world, for  [community profile] 31_days

There was no beauty in dead flowers.