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Incubus Ch.3

Chapter 3..
Also YAOI, also X-posted everywhere.

Incubus ch.3


Though Tyki had never been much of a sightseer, he now found himself taking notice of things that would possibly entertain or delight his ever-inquisitive lover as he sought the means to return him to his home, often suggesting that they take outings solely for the purpose of observing the redhead's gleeful reactions.

When they visited several art museums, the boy had amused himself in pointing out the strangeness of many of the supposedly 'inspired' pieces, laughing quietly at the use of over-bright colors to draw an onlooker's attentions away from less attractive parts of the pictures.

A walk in the city's annually decorated rose garden had led to an almost indecent turn of events, and it was then that Tyki discovered that he quite liked flowers. There were several other events attended in the ensuing weeks, but it was an impulsive trip to the theater that made him question the wisdom of their jaunts.

The evening had gone well, with a leisurely meal spent talking about random things, like the need for women's corsets and the purpose of having so many unneeded utensils at one's table. After finishing there, Tyki had noticed a late showing announcement on a pasteboard sign beside the building, and offered to sit in if the boy were interested. Naturally, he was.

They'd obtained their tickets, and easily located their seats, Lavi drawing more than one curious stare as he'd asked the older man not-completely appropriate questions on their way through the settling crowd. Admonishing him to at least whisper, Tyki folded the playbill he'd been given without a glance, tucking it into a pocket as the lights has dimmed.

That had been the final bit of pleasantness for the night, for when the announcer strode out with his title plaquard, he found himself more than passingly eager to leave before the curtain rose on the opening scene.

What followed was a lengthy retelling of the great war of Heaven, the crowd's hushed mutters of approval at the final casting down almost loud enough to cover the quick inhalation from his companion. Glancing quickly at the other, he was stunned to see the obvious wetness on the boy's face, his hands white-knuckled on the armrests as his eyes continued to overflow in silent protest of the subject. Rising to his feet, he took the redhead's arm firmly, pulling him bodily from the building despite trodding over several sets of slow-moving feet in their passing.

Once outside in the darkness, he turned to the other guiltily, his apology dying at the expression on the boy's stricken face. Swallowing nervously, he attempted to make a statement that would appease the redhead as quickly as possible. "Lavi, I didn't-"

The boy cut him off with a jerk, facing away to swipe at his eyes. "Why did you bring me here?" He ignored the man's anxious sound, striding jerkily in the direction from whence they'd come. "Why the Hell did you take me in there? You think it's funny?"

Tyki walked quickly to keep abreast of him, shaking his head rapidly. "I didn't know, Lavi! I only looked at the times listed on the sign, I didn't think to look at the title! I don't keep track of the performances, it was a mistake!" Catching the other's arm, he turned him into an open alleyway. "Wait! I didn't do it to mock you, Lovely. As soon as I saw what it was we'd gone into, I hoped that you wouldn't think it intentional!"

The redhead glared at him balefully, wiping his face again with a rough movement. "I don't care. I just want to go home." Freezing at the last word, he snorted to himself. "Or to your house, for now. I can't pay you back for the tickets, but I'm not going back in. I'll wait right here, if you want to finish it." Leaving the sidestreet, he resumed his trek, not bothering to see if the other had followed.

Further attempts to engage the boy in conversation failed utterly, and upon reaching their destination he merely shrugged off his borrowed coat without a care for where it fell. He then proceeded directly to the far side of the bedroom, entering the bathroom and firmly closing the door.

Placing both their coats on the rack, Tyki dropped his hat and gloves carelessly atop the bed, crossing to knock softly on the door. Hearing stifled sounds from within, he frowned, repeating the gesture. "Lavi? Please don't be like this, I really-" Something shattered against the wood with alarming force, followed by several other concussive noises and undefinable shouts of wrath, and he stiffened at the memory of the other's volatile temper.

Ignoring his better sense, he tried again, pitching his voice deliberately into reconciliatory tones. "Please, Lovely..? I was foolish not to look, I only thought it was something you might enjoy! I would never-" Again there was a violent detonation of unknown glassware from within, the boy's words clearly not regretful of the object's demise.

"Never what, Tyki? Mock the unfortunate demon you're fucking? I guess you thought I wouldn't care, since I'm not even that anymore! Instead of looking for things to remind me of why you're better than me, you should be finding a way to get rid of 'the disgraceful demonic filth'!" His repetition of the line made the man wince, his hand closing around the doorknob carefully.

"Lavi, I don't see you like that at all. And I have been looking, it just isn't a simple thing to walk into a bookstore and inquire about their Satanic self-help sections! There may be such a thing, but I have yet to locate it in either case." Biting his lip in realization, he cursed his poor choice of words. "I really am trying to keep my promise, Lovely. Not to be rid of you, but.. To make you happy." The other's silence was taken as a favorable sign, and he risked a breath. "I spend quite a bit of time doing just that.. Have you been so terribly unhappy here? You should tell me clearly if I've failed to please you, Lavi."

The knob turned under his hand, and he stepped back in lingering wariness. Forcing himself to trust the boy's better nature, he allowed him to leave the room, not reaching for him despite the urge. Meeting his gaze, he inhaled deeply at the haunted look there, his hands clenching tightly. "I'm sorry, Lovely. For this and every other wrong I've done you."

The redhead shrugged faintly. "You didn't mean to.. And you didn't mean to do anything else, either. I shouldn't even be mad, because you called me here to do what I do." He swallowed thickly, shaking his head. "Every bit of what they said was true, Tyki. We both know it, so it doesn't matter if I get upset or not." He cut off the other's protest with a wave, swiping at his face. "Don't. Nothing you say will change it. Even if I'm human now, I still think the way I did.. That won't change either, Tyki. No matter how much you teach me, I'm never going to be anything but a demon whore."

The older man frowned angrily, shaking his head. "Then what of me, Lavi? I asked for you, remember? What does that say about my 'humanity'?" He leaned forward, ignoring the other's surprise. "If you're a despicable, foul creature, then I'm no better. I willingly trafficked with infernal beings, aided them in their efforts to subvert my own kind, and then requested an undeniably male consort for my payment! And I regret it only because you do not wish to be changed. If not for this ridiculous oversight on my part, I'd be in that bed with you this very instant, partaking of your infernal knowledge with complete happiness. Why would you think me superior, Lavi?"

The redhead blinked at him in astonishment, his mouth opening soundlessly as the man continued.

"If you weren't so obviously troubled by remaining, I wouldn't give a passing thought to returning you to your home. I would keep you here until neither of us could recall having ever been otherwise, Lovely. Gladly." He stepped closer, pausing at the boy's minute flinch. "You made the point, you're human now. Do you honestly not see what I've become? You haven't the slightest comprehension of my craving for you? There's no need for me to teach you of human weaknesses, surely." Finally raising one hand, he cupped the redhead's still-damp cheek in his palm, refusing to let him look away. "I don't care what you were, or what you'll be again once I keep my promise, Lavi. In my mind, you will never be anything less than a someone I would never see in pain. Make of it what you will, but there's nothing else for it. I can only hope that you at least think of me, even if only to mock my foolishness once you've gone."

The boy shook his head, his eyes wide and startled. "I don't understand, Tyki."

The brunette laughed quietly, releasing his hold. "I know you don't. That's what makes me a fool." Moving back, he gave the boy room to shift away from the doorframe. "I've another place to try tomorrow, Lovely. I found it the other evening, but they keep odd hours, so I can't go until then.. It looked like a promising one, considering that they had a witch's almanac in the front window." Attempting a smile, he nodded at the decimated bathroom. "I'll take care of the mess, if you'd like something to eat.. Or you could simply go to bed, if you like." Seeing the other's eyebrow lift, he shook his head. "I will not touch you, Lavi. I'll take the floor if sharing the bed disturbs you."

The boy scowled at that, his face heating. "No you won't, either. You know I get cold if you aren't there, and I don't like it. Leave the mess and the food until tomorrow, and come to bed with me if you think I need to sleep." His expression darkened at the man's hesitation, his eyes narrowing faintly in challenge. "Unless you really don't mean any of what you just said. If you want to make a big deal out of my being human, treat me like one. What do people do when they're not mad at each other anymore, Tyki?"

Sighing, he shook his head. "And besides that, how do two people that sleep together act? You keep going on and on about making me happy, is that how humans are? One doing all the work, and the other just taking it and not giving anything back? That sounds selfish to me, and I know all about looking out for yourself." He smirked at the brunette's speechless stare, walking to sit on the bed. Kicking off his shoes, he pulled his knees up to support his elbows, resting his chin in his hands. "If you want to talk about that kind of attitude, I'm smarter than you, Tyki. I used humans the same way that they used me. I took what I wanted from them, and didn't really care if it hurt them or not. Every human that called me lost a piece of their soul and a part of their strength for the privilege.. And I didn't give a damned thing back."

He laughed suddenly, lifting his head. "You're different, though. I don't even know if it's because of what happened, but you get something from it. What is it, Tyki? Explain that to me, if you can. Why do you want to help me leave, when I already told you that I like it when you fuck me? If you wanted to, you could stall me for ages, I'd never know. And you could have me anytime you damn well wanted me, because it's my nature to let you. If you aren't worried about that, what makes it worth the trouble? I can't really talk to you, because I never learned enough about people to understand what you mean, and I don't do anything for you besides sex. Is this the thing that humans call charity, Tyki? When you help someone because you feel sorry for them and you can?"

Only the complete lack of malice in the boy's tone kept the other from replying in anger, and he crossed the room to join him with a sigh. "I feel remorse for what I did, but I don't pity you, if that's what you mean. As for what you will or won't allow me to do, I can't honestly say that I mind your willingness, Lavi. You've told me before that you don't understand your own enjoyment of it, but I wouldn't try to assign a meaning to what you feel. If my touch pleases you, then you've always been welcome to it. I said as much at the beginning, didn't I? What do you want to call it, this thing you think I take from you? If you believe it to be something ridiculous or selfish, name it so."

He stood deliberately close, toeing off his own footwear carefully. Nudging them beneath the bed, he began to unbutton his shirt with steady movements, his gaze direct. "I didn't know that you'd be made mortal, Lavi. You never asked, so I hadn't mentioned it.. But I fully expected to have you as you were when you first came to me, damned and immortal, taking a part of my life every time I dared lay hands on you." He shrugged the open garment off, setting it aside and reaching for his belt. "You also failed to ask me what it was that I said I wanted." Dropping the slip of leather atop his shirt, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, allowing them to slide low on his hips. "I didn't ask for a simple whore, Lavi. Even before I chose you from the lot, I had requested a permanent companion. Someone to be with me without servitude for the remainder of my life.. I hadn't considered so violent an opposition because I could hardly fill two moments of your existence. Not even the least of your imps."

He pushed his slacks down, kicking them off carelessly. "Even after this, you'll outlast even the tiniest speck of dust from my bones by millennia, Lovely. I thought that it wouldn't be a thing to worry over, not when my life would pass in a blink of your eye." He sat down, facing the redhead directly. "You know things that I don't, and perhaps I should ask you about them. What happens to someone who scorns a gift of Hell, Lavi? When I finally manage to send you back, will there be a penalty for doing so? Some punishment for leaving the debt unpaid?" Folding his legs beneath him, he nodded at the boy's suddenly wide eyes. "There is, isn't there? And I imagine it's far beyond anything I could comprehend. I thought as much, that's why I also promised you what soul I may have left to me. My lack of consideration for your feelings makes it a fair trade, I think.. You deserve some bit of tangible justice in return for my presumption."

The boy shook his head rapidly, straightening with a growl. "I don't want that! You should only be punished if you actually harmed me when I couldn't stop you, not for changing your mind because I wanted you to!" He clenched his hands into fists atop his thighs, grasping the material of his pants tightly. "If there has to be something to reward you, you can just pick something or someone else. That makes it even again."

Tyki shook his head, smiling faintly. "I don't really want anything and certainly not anyone else, Lavi. And I don't care. If Hell sees fit to erase me from existence, they're more than welcome to do so. My actions sealed my fate long before you were here, I'll just reach my destination all the quicker for it." He frowned at the redhead's distress, sliding closer in concern. "Is it not enough, Lovely? You won't feel vindicated, even after that? I honestly don't have anything more to offer you, or it would already be yours for the asking."

The boy hissed in denial, rising to his knees to loom over the other angrily. "If something like that happened to you, it would be a debt against me! I didn't get a say in it, I'm just here to do what you asked!" Bending forward, he pushed the brunette back roughly, scowling at his surprise. "Even if you're sending me home, I was supposed to be what you wanted, Tyki. I knew that before I knew that I'd be stuck here, and I'm only good for one thing." Jerking at his shirt, he ignored the protesting snap of buttons as he worked it over his head, tossing it aside without moving from his place.

"Sex is what you get from me, because it's all I exist for. There can't be anything else, because it isn't there for you to have!" Now he moved, shoving down his pants and undergarments with impatient haste. They followed his shirt to the ground, and he returned to his former position instantly. Straddling the man's hips, he closed his eyes with a wavering sound of negation. "I hate that I don't understand you! Even if you asked for someone to be with you, this is what I do! You know that, and you don't ask for it unless you know I want it!" He gritted his teeth in frustration, horrified at the gathering moisture behind his eyelids. "Damn you, tell me what it is! I'll go mad from not knowing, I'm already starting to! I think and think and think about it, but I'm not human on the inside and I don't know what makes this matter!"

He forced himself to open his eyes, ignoring the sensation of wetness as he gripped the man's shoulders hard enough to be painful. "I hurt, Tyki! Right now, I feel like my whole body is coming to pieces when you say that you don't care if you die! I want to know what that is, and you know because I never felt it before I was in this body! Give me a fucking word for this thing that a demon doesn't understand. You told me to ask you anything I wanted to know, so tell me. What is it that I give you, and what is it that this Goddamned human body feels?"

The brunette shook his head slowly, pushing away from the mattress despite the other's hold. Sitting up, he pulled the boy's hands free, urging them to rest against his chest. "I can't tell you what you feel, Lavi. I once told you that I can't read your mind." Wincing at the redhead's low whine, he wrapped his arms loosely around his back, tugging him forward insistently. "As for the other, you give me yourself. Your presence and your body, and I enjoy both equally." Stroking his hair gently, he sighed. "I won't stop you if you really mean to continue, but.. Not like this. Not because you think it's the only thing you're meant for."

He allowed the boy to lift his head, but kept a hand pressed to his back firmly. "I know what you were, Lovely. That alone is reason to be sure that you wish for me to touch you in this way. I meant what I said before, it isn't me making use of you in any form at all.. I want you to take what you need from me. Is there something that you need?"

Lavi blinked at him mutely, the rising throb in his chest making him shudder. Taking in the open sincerity on the other's face, he shook his head. "I don't want it to be like that, Tyki. I want us both to.." He swallowed, unconcerned with his suddenly dry mouth. "You really haven't ever.. Because you wanted to? Not even once? It was just you letting me have what I wanted, because you brought me here and couldn't send me back?" His voice cracked briefly, but he swallowed again and continued. "You just let me use you, then. None of it ever meant anything to you, because you owed me something."

He reared back abruptly, hands planted against the man's chest to help break his grasp. Feeling him resist, he screeched a blistering curse in his native tongue, bringing every bit of his far-reduced strength to bear as he flung himself away. "Get your hands off of me! You swore you wouldn't touch me if I didn't want it, so let me go!" Flexing his fingers, he attempted to dig his nails into the other's skin, struggling frantically to remove himself from the brunette's lap. "You're hurting me! Let go! Please!"

The last was little more than a broken wail, unrecognizable as his own voice. Feeling the hot slide of tears on his face, he shrieked in denial, bucking against the older man's hold as he felt the pressure in his chest become agonizing. "It's paid! Whether you send me back or not, I don't want anything else from you! Just let go!" He arched with spine-crackling force, holding himself fully at arms length as he sobbed. "I won't hurt you, but I swear to your God I'll bleed myself out if you don't let go of me right now." As if to prove his honesty, he jerked one arm to his mouth, biting down on his pulsepoint with vicious intent.

The brunette released him instantly, the suddenness of the movement half-pitching the other backwards. "Don't! Lavi, please don't say that, you've completely misunderstood me!" Ignoring the boy's rapid attempt to retreat, he gripped his bitten arm, hauling him forward to inspect the wound. Finding it to be much less deep than he feared, he snatched the edge of the pillow with his free hand, shaking it out of it's case with a jerk. Pressing the cloth to the oozing bite, he squeezed firmly, refusing to relinquish his hold despite the boy's urgent tugs. "It always had a meaning, Lavi! I've never done anything with you that I didn't want, and I've never been used by you. You could only have used me if I merely tolerated your wishes! You don't understand it, still? Every time we've been together in this bed, or anywhere else in this house, I've all but prayed that you would want me! Right this very instant, I wish your tears were from pleasure I'd given you, and not from something I'd done to cause you pain!"

He held the boy's eyes pleadingly, reaching to brush the wetness from his face with a shaking hand. "I wouldn't have you stay human for an instant longer than was necessary, Lavi, but I would give anything I have to be with you until there's no time left. You don't owe me even the smallest thing, but please let me have at least that much.. Let me be a fool until the end." Relaxing his grip, he sighed at the lack of bleeding from the other's wrist, his relief clear as he allowed the redhead his freedom. "God, I wish there was some way I could let you see for yourself, Lovely. No matter what I say or do, you simply can't comprehend how much I hate the thought of you not being here."

Waving a hand at the other's narrowed eyes, he laughed at himself. "It isn't like that, I wouldn't care if you never allowed me to touch you again, Lavi.. It would be enough just to know you were here. I think I've managed to answer one of the oldest questions a man ever had." Smiling faintly at the boy's unwilling curiosity, he closed his eyes. "I know what separates what you are from what I am. It isn't long life, or strength or power.. As you were, and will be again, you can't understand this feeling. If I could do anything for you, I would give you the ability to do that.. But then you would be a different creature. I wish there was a way to have you stay the same, and still be able to see it."

The redhead shifted himself to sit, breathing deeply to regain control of his raging thoughts. "That isn't right, Tyki. Every other thing you've told me was true, but this time you're completely wrong." Favoring his aching hand, he leaned into the man's still-faint touch, biting his lip. "Even if I couldn't before, or if I don't once I change.. I'm human now, and I can feel anything you can. It doesn't matter if I don't know the word for it, because you can't just repeat a word and know what it means." He inhaled slowly, clearing his throat with effort. "Tell me what you want from me, Tyki. Not tomorrow, or a year from then, but right now. More than anything else, what would you have if you could?"

The man sighed, stroking the skin beneath his hand. "I would have you smile, Lavi. Human or demon, I'd want to see you happy again."

The redhead attempted to grant his wish, only half succeeding. "That's still something more for me than for yourself, Tyki."

The older man nodded faintly, pushing a strand of hair behind the other's ear. "I know that, Lovely.. But it's what I want. It's the only thing I've wanted since the first time I made you cry."

Staring at him in astonishment, the boy sucked in a breath, launching himself forward without a doubt that the brunette would catch him. Sprawling awkwardly across his bent legs, he wrapped his arms tightly around the other's shoulders, his burning face buried in his neck. "I'm sorry..! I don't know why I got so.. What was that, Tyki? I wasn't mad, but you said that and I just.." He shook his head, still nestled against the man's skin. "It hurt so bad, I thought you meant that you hadn't ever wanted it."

He shifted to press closer, his knees resting on the outside of the brunette's thighs as he slumped. "I thought you liked it, too.. You did, didn't you? It's been good enough to make you keep doing it?"

The older man nodded firmly, returning his embrace with a soft hiss at the feel of his bare skin. "Much more than good enough, Lavi. Am I forgiven, at least for saying it so badly? I never intended to make you think otherwise, I simply didn't think you would take it like that.." He urged the boy's face up, placing a kiss on his now-dry cheek. "Don't cry, not over anything I say."

Nodding, the redhead angled his face down to catch the man's mouth with a shaky sound, his lips and tongue almost pleading for a response that was instantly given.

Gathering the boy closer, Tyki leaned back to rest their forehead's together, gritting his teeth when the other ground his hips down with a hungry moan. Forcing himself to breathe, he closed his eyes. "I've always wanted you.. And I still want you. I've never dared to say it directly, but.. Please, Lovely? Just this once, can I ask you for more than this?"

The redhead repeated his deliberate shifting, nodding rapidly. "Yes. And not 'just this once'.. Any time you feel like it. Promise me." He sighed contentedly at the man's murmured affirmative, the sound catching in his throat when the brunette stroked a hand along his inner thigh. "Mmm.. You never rush. Are you afraid I'll change my mind, Tyki?"

The older man laughed quietly, his fingers rising purposefully higher. "Should I be? You've allowed me this, doesn't that mean you also wish for it, Lavi? Before, you said that you wanted the desire for this to be mutual.." He laughed again at the boy's eager noises, moving from thighs to hips and sides, his touch only just firm enough to avoid tickling. Tracing the lines of his ribs, he lifted himself to meet the other's steady rocking, pressing damp kisses to his neck and face as he hummed appreciatively. "You seem less than patient yourself, Lovely.. Perhaps I should finish undressing?"

He waited for the redhead to slide back, smirking at his clear fidgeting as he pulled off his socks. Standing, he raised an eyebrow when the boy moved to kneel on the edge of the bed, his fingers tracing the man's waistband before slipping beneath the fabric to push the garment down. Humoring him, he was completely taken aback when the other took a firm hold on his hips, leaning forward to press his smiling mouth to the skin just below his navel.

Feeling his hand lower with obvious intent, he pushed gently against his shoulders, shaking his head at the boy's faint scowl. "Not one or the other, Lavi.. Both, yes?" He urged the other back, resting a knee on the mattress between the redhead's parted legs. Moving close to his upturned face, he brushed a kiss across his lips teasingly, waiting for him to slide further away. "Now, where was I.."

The boy pulled him up to cover him, legs wrapping tightly around his hips as he growled. "You were right there, getting ready to show me how much you like doing this with me.. And I was waiting for you to, so I could do the same thing." Curling his fingers into the man's loose hair, he urged him down for a kiss, lifting himself to press their bodies together with a satisfied sound. The response was immediate and equally satisfying, and he shivered at the now-expected reaction from his altered form. "Fuck, you drive me crazy.. I don't want you to move, but you better get what we need before I stop caring about it."

Reluctantly pushing himself to his elbows, the brunette nodded. "I wouldn't forget, Lovely. If there's any way to prevent it, I'll never do anything to hurt you intentionally." Leaning back onto his knees, he reached for the object in question, again reminded that he should see to replacing it before the need became immediate. Shaking off the thought, he sat the bottle near the boy's enticingly sprawled form, returning to his place with a low growl. "There. Kiss me, Lavi? I think the separation traumatized me.."

The redhead complied eagerly, his arms encircling the other as he urged his lips to part. Thoroughly enjoying the taste of the man, he shivered at the silken feel of his tongue as it brushed against his own, catching the tip with his teeth when the brunette would have retreated. Stroking his hands from shoulderblades to hips, he cupped the man's backside in his palms, using the hold to pull him closer with a muted whine.

Gasping at the unexpected touch, Tyki lifted his head, shifting his weight against the boy with a murmured affirmative. Gripping the other's knees, he rose, smirking when the redhead's legs spread further in obvious anticipation. "Soon, Lovely. Let me do what I must, and then we can see to what's wanted.." He retrieved the container, removing the lid to pour the liquid into his cupped hand with a faint wince at both it's scarcity and it's coolness.

Lowering his hand, he spread the substance over the boy's skin carefully, blinking at his urgent lift into the contact. "Lavi, I promise not to take overlong.. But please, I don't want to have any worries that I'll hurt you." The redhead relaxed, and he smiled faintly at his impatience. Slipping a finger within him, he moaned at the shaken tightness that met him, swallowing heavily at the thought that he would soon have more detailed understanding of the other's willingness.

Continuing his preparations, he pulled away to add more moisture to his fingers, following the boy's wordless requests to insert a second and then a third, still refusing to hurry beyond what his lover insisted upon. Hearing his breathless demand for more, he raised a questioning eyebrow. "Now, Lovely? That should be enough, if you want it so much.." The only response was an unmistakeable tilting of the hips, the invitation clear alongside the other's fierce expression.

Humming in agreement, he covered himself with quick movements, sliding his hands up the back of the boy's bent legs to the knee. Pushing them up, he shifted higher between the redhead's open thighs, aligning their bodies in a way that left very little of the others anatomy to the imagination. Glancing over his sweat-tacky skin in the faint light, he closed his eyes at the surge of possessiveness brought on by the knowledge that this was what the boy wanted, to give himself to the man poised to accept his offer with no reservations whatsoever.

Lavi allowed himself to be moved, ignoring his instinctive blush at being so utterly exposed. Biting his lip, he stifled a pleading sound at the man's cautious push against his opening, his fingers digging into his shoulders at the feeling. "Please.. I need you.."

Tyki nodded wordlessly, breaching the negligible resistance with a quiet groan. Adjusting his grip on the other's bent knees, he waited as long as he was able, shaking with nerves as the redhead loosened fractionally around him. Withdrawing slowly, he began to move, his hands unsteady when the other bucked into his touch with apparent want.

He thrust carefully, angling himself to draw a ragged breath from the redhead, keeping his movements gradual enough to avoid making the other uncomfortable before he'd had time to adjust to the intrusion. Gritting his teeth at the boy's hungry upward arch, he struggled with his own need for satisfaction, wondering if the redhead knew just how difficult he made the process. A lazy smile made it a certainty, and he responded with a slightly more forceful rhythm, returning the smile at the boy's half-pleased sound.

"Something the matter, Lavi? You look happy and upset all at once.. Am I not meeting your expectations?" He raised the boy's hips higher, moaning at his choked cry. "There, then..? Tell me if you're disappointed, I'd hate to leave you wanting."

Lifting his back, the redhead pressed against him with an impatient sound, his knees angling sharply into the other's ribs. "It's fucking great, but you know.. Dammit, you're a tease! You know perfectly well what.. Mmm.. I want, but you never just do it, you have to... Tyki! Please don't do that.."

The older man laughed quietly, rocking forward. "But why, Lovely..? You seem to enjoy it so much, why would I deprive you of your pleasure? Unless there's something that you'd rather have me do, I'll do the things I know you like. Is there something better, Lavi? Show me what you want, it's yours if I'm able."

Smirking, the redhead bucked upward and twisted, turning them over. Pushing himself up, he hissed shakily at the change, biting his lip as he took hold of the man's shoulders. "Sit.. up." He waited for the brunette to shift, urging his legs to bend over the mattress edge. Resting a hand on one knee to balance himself, he curled the other around the man's neck. "Back a little.. Don't fall." Before the other could ask his intent, he proceeded to do something that involved back and hips and achingly delicious tightness, leaving the brunette gasping in astounded delight as he braced himself on shuddering arms.

Moaning breathlessly, he repeated his movements steadily, his hands tightening against the man's skin. "Good, Tyki..?"

The brunette nodded dizzily, one arm wrapping around his back as he rocked upward to intensify the contact. "Yes. Gods, Lavi.." He dug his fingers into the boy's hair, pulling him into a searching kiss that left them both panting for breath at it's end. Staying as close as the redhead's relentless motions allowed, he buried his face against the boy's throat, kissing the rapid beat of his pulse. "Better than good.. I love the way you feel."

Lavi cried out sharply, his rhythm faltering. "That.. That's the word. For this. I love this. I love it.. Oh, God.." He arched into the man's hold, both arms wrapped around his shoulders as he whimpered pleadingly. "Don't.. I want.. Are you..?"

The brunette growled at his stilted speech, nodding. "I won't.. And yes, Lovely. As soon as you do."

His body's reaction to the boy's abrupt clench around him made him a liar, his hips lifting to sheath himself deeply inside the other as he all but sobbed in release. The redhead's arms locked convulsively against him in reply, his own pleasure evidenced by no more than a wavering mewl that seemed all the more erotic for his desperate clinging. Ignoring both his own shivers and the hot slide of wetness between them, he caught the boy's flushed face in his hands, kissing his forehead and cheeks and lips with a low groan at the almost painful sweetness of it.

Licking his lips, he frowned at the faint taste of saltiness there, opening his eyes to take in the other's expression in mounting confusion. "Lavi..? What's the matter, why are you..?"

The redhead took a breath, shaking his head. "I don't know. Nothing's wrong, but.. It doesn't make sense." Laughing at the man's evident concern, he nuzzled against his face with a quiet sigh. "Don't worry about it, Tyki.. It's probably a human thing. Definitely not because of you, that was.. Something."


A quick clean-up and a lingering bath later, Tyki sighed at the sleeping boy curled beside him, all evidence of his earlier distress long faded in all but the man's memory. Pulling the blankets up to cover them with a faint smile, he wondered if he would rest so easily, now that a thought had taken root in his brain.

The boy had made a very good point.

Why was he helping him leave? He knew himself more than well enough to see that he no longer hoped to rectify a situation gone amok, and he also realised that he had told the other the truth in his desperation to calm him.

He truly did not enjoy the thought of him simply ceasing to be by his side.

Gazing over his resting figure, he moved closer, draping an arm about his middle even as the room's solitary candle guttered out with a soft hiss. No, he had no wish to keep the boy against his will, and he wanted no part of him to be altered from the original, but if he had been born a human being, able to comprehend the things that no mere mortal could explain to him with words alone..

Closing his eyes and tightening his arms around the still-dozing redhead, he found himself agreeing with the other's previous statement. Indeed, this was something.


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