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fanfic - what you make of it

Title: What You Make of It
Author: [personal profile] metisket 
Characters: Ed and Al, Allen, Kanda, Lenalee, Lavi, Science Department
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Fullmetal Alchemist/D.Gray-Man crossover. Mild FMA spoilers through Hohenheim backstory, DGM spoilers through Kanda backstory.
Disclaimer: Neither Fullmetal Alchemist nor D.Gray-Man belongs to me.
Summary: Allen and the Elrics have to admit that being trained by Cross has done one nice thing for them: they cope amazingly well with stress and general madness.
Excerpt: Ed shifted into a belligerent sprawl and accidentally kicked a shriveled head across the room. This place freaking screamed ‘decorated by Allen Walker.’


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[Fic] Crawling in the Dark Ch. 1

Hello, newbie bringing fanfic! After two weeks of catching up i can proudly declare D. Gray-man is my fav manga! it shocked the hell out of me by actually connecting all the story arcs together, having believable changes and growth in the charas, not to mention maintaining the random silly moments - even in the middle of the fiercest battles. i almost declared i couldn't fanfic DGM but there's such a beautiful opening after 205 i couldn't resist.

Title: Crawling in the Dark
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: T
Warnings: Post 205
Summary: Allen's left the Order, but not without a plan. Tyki's words have given him a purpose so he's gone to an old friend, Cross's main informant, for answers. Secrets are revealed and plans made after she lets the Order in on a few things.

Expand( I never thought I'd be grateful for Master's pretentious pride. )

also posted at the dgrayman lj.
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fanfic - getting things done

Title: Getting Things Done
Author: [personal profile] metisket 
Characters: Allen, Lavi, Hawkeye, Roy & co., Ed and Al
Rating: PG13
Warnings: D.Gray-Man/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover. No real spoilers—set very early on in both series.
Disclaimer: Neither D.Gray-Man nor Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to me. Life is sad like that.
Summary: Allen Walker has an agenda. Roy Mustang has an agenda. Ed’s starting to wish he’d never so much as heard the word ‘agenda.’
Excerpt: “You can’t be here,” Edward snarls, pointing accusingly.
Allen forces himself to stop looking horrified; he pulls the act around himself like a shield, and smiles gamely. “But here I am. Hello, Ed. It’s been a while.”


fanfic - frozen flowers

Title: Frozen Flowers
Author: [personal profile] finite_farfalla 
Characters/Pairings: Cross/Maria
Rating: PG
Lenght: Short
Warnings: Sap :(
Theme: a longing pervades the world, for  [community profile] 31_days

There was no beauty in dead flowers.
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fanfic - unintended consequences

Title: Unintended Consequences
Author[personal profile] metisket  
Characters/Pairings: Lenalee, Lavi, Allen/Kanda-ish
Rating: PG
Warnings: I think none.
Disclaimer: D.Gray-Man does not belong to me.
Summary: Shaving Kanda’s head seemed like a great idea until Lenalee found out about it.

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fanfic - growing up by accident

Title: Growing Up by Accident
Author: [personal profile] metisket 
Characters: Allen, Kanda
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Spoilers through Kanda backstory
Disclaimer: D.Gray-Man does not belong to me.
Summary: The various reasons Kanda and Allen can have exactly the same opinion of someone and still manage to get into a screaming argument over it.

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[Fic] Undercover Agent - Chapter 1: Let's Play a Game, Detective

Hi :] Not new to DGM, but new to Dreamwidth. And bringing a multi-chapter fic: 

Title: Undercover Agent
Chapter 1: Let’s Play a Game, Detective ( link)
Alternate LinkLJ link
Genre: Action/Adventure/Crime
Rating: R (M)
Summary: Allen Walker is an Agent of the Order, and a darn good one at that. When he comes across a string of victims with missing body parts, he is willing to go to great lengths to solve the case – even if it involves cross-dressing and giving a lap dance. A multi-chapter story.
Warnings: Character Death, Cross-Dressing, Gore, (Possible) Sexual Situations, Violence. If there are more they will be listed at the beginning of every new chapter.

It was dark, hot, and almost impossible to move in the heavy coats they’ve been handed.

New fic.

Yeah, me again.

Title: Interrogation
Author: SisterWicked
Pairing: Lucky (Lavi/Tyki)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence, Yaoi.

Summary: Lavi wants answers.

Interrogation )
Enjoy, comments encouraged. X-Posted forever.

A double helping

Yes, it's me again.
Yes, I have another short thing to post.
Two of them, in fact, with 5 more to come.
X-posted because that's how I roll.

Title: Weekday Meme
Pairing: Lucky (Tyki/Lavi)
Rating: K+/NC-17 eventually
Warnings: Mild language, semi-fluff, implied and future YAOI.
Summary: Like it says. Days of the week. So.. 7 parts. Worth the rating eventually.

Monday )

Tuesday )

Also, an advisory notice for anyone who watches/reads me:


Hi! First time posting in this comm and I bring you fic. Consider this a late Valentine's thing? Although I guess this is not very, uh, fluffy.

Title: Game Days
Author: Jane
Rating: R
Pairing: Kanda/Lavi
Summary: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Of sorts.
Warnings: Angst. Almost sex. Might not follow canon to a T.

Cut to my writing journal

Incubus Ch.3

Chapter 3..
Also YAOI, also X-posted everywhere.

Ch.3 )

Incubus Ch.2

Second Chapter, for whoever wants it.
YES, this is YAOI.
X-posted in all the usual places.
Ch.2 )

LUCKY Christmas short.

Also on LJ.

Yea, this is YAOI. I wrote it for Christmas, so hooray. X-posted in all the usual places.

Unlikely_Gift )
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fanfic - old guard

: Old Guard
[personal profile] metisket 
Characters: Fo, Bak
: PG
: Perhaps none.
: D.Gray-Man does not belong to me.
: She hovers by Zhu’s bedside and counts his breaths. This will not keep him from dying. Nothing can keep a human from dying once it’s decided to die. Useless creatures.


Another meme, x-posted from lj

Another.. Good lord. And yes, this is LUCKY, which means YAOI.

Meme )

a crossposted meme...

This was started on my group's website, feel free to use it if you want, but consider linking me your try, as I'd like to see what you come up with :P
BE WARNED! This fic is YAOI!

Link! )


Here too..

With another ficlette..

Title: A Very Good Question
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Pairing: Lucky (Lavi/Tyki)
Rating: PG-13

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