Second shortfic for the LJ/DW Kink!Bingo.. Enjoy!

Second ficlette for the LJ/DW Kink!Bingo, Prompt - Public Sex. Enjoy!

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Go Fish
Title: Go Fish
Characters: Yuu Kanda, Lavi, Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, and Reever a bit.
Warnings: There is some cursing, sorry.
Words: 3,502
Summary: They don't really live a life where they get to take many breaks. But no one can live like that all the time...

So I wanted to write something a little nicer for these guys, because I feel kinda bad for them, ya know? So I decided to write Reever as an enabler, because he is the most sane of every one, I think, and I guess he doesn't get enough credit for that. Go him! But yeah, their lives suck, and it makes me happy to think about them having fun, and kinda of blowing off all the pressure that is put on them all of the time :D so here it is. Thanks!

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First submission for the kink!bingo on LJ/DW..

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Title: Resonance
Genre: Drama/darkfic
Charas: Link-centric, with Allen, Madarao, and Rouvelier
Pairing: Hints of AllenLink
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Religious imagery, rampant speculation, a little blood

Summary: On faith as a double-edged sword.

( Just came by to deliver you a little something that you're owed. )

Hope you enjoy the fic! Any comments/thoughts would be very appreciated :)
Title: Where the flip happens
Characters: Lavi, with some thoughts on Allen mostly, and some Kanda and Lenalee
Rating: This is pretty mild stuff.
Length: 588
Sumary: Lavi wonders what will become of Allen, and then the rest of them. And wonders why he is wondering.
Warning: Spoilers for manga chapter 166 and afterwards
Disclaimer: Uh, this stuff is not mine. Well the stuff is mine, but the characters and all aren't. You know the drill.

I wrote this a little while ago and it has been floating around my LJ, but I figured I'd put it up here too, just in case. So, yeah, here it is. Uh, be gentle with it? It's the first thing that I have written and posted, so, yeah.

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Hello hello, DGM fans on DW. :D I'm Kitana. I'm glad tons of things are setting up shop over here. Hopefully more people come, but in the meantime, I bring fic.

Title: A Mess of Things
Author: Kitana
Warnings: NC-17. Tyki x Allen, dubious consent. Written for dreamwidth's kink_bingo challenge, prompt: consent play. So he keeps walking, doesn't probe at the thoughts that try to tell him he's let Tyki get under his skin.
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