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[Fic] Undercover Agent - Chapter 1: Let's Play a Game, Detective

Hi :] Not new to DGM, but new to Dreamwidth. And bringing a multi-chapter fic: 

Title: Undercover Agent
Chapter 1: Let’s Play a Game, Detective (ff.net link)
Alternate LinkLJ link
Genre: Action/Adventure/Crime
Rating: R (M)
Summary: Allen Walker is an Agent of the Order, and a darn good one at that. When he comes across a string of victims with missing body parts, he is willing to go to great lengths to solve the case – even if it involves cross-dressing and giving a lap dance. A multi-chapter story.
Warnings: Character Death, Cross-Dressing, Gore, (Possible) Sexual Situations, Violence. If there are more they will be listed at the beginning of every new chapter.

It was dark, hot, and almost impossible to move in the heavy coats they’ve been handed.

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