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Incubus Ch.2

Second Chapter, for whoever wants it.
YES, this is YAOI.
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Incubus ch.2


After a night's rest, Tyki found that his erstwhile companion had nearly limitless curiosity when it came to the details of the human world. When Tyki retired to the kitchen to procure their breakfast, the redhead followed his almost in the manner of a docile puppy, then proceeded to ask the purpose and practice of every appliance in sight, often resorting to touch and dangerously close examination as he did so.

When the brunette had managed to burn himself for the third time in less than ten minutes, he urged the boy to sit at the rarely used dining table, showing him the virtual plethora of small whatnots and knickknacks arranged there for lack of a better place. Secure in the knowledge that the other was firmly occupied, he returned to his cooking, pleased when the entire affair proceeded with only a bit of extra crispness about the edges of the eggs and toast.

Gathering the needed utensils and plates, he nearly dropped the lot when he turned to find the redhead engrossed in the examination of a forgotten cigar clipper. "Lavi! Take your finger out of there and put that away, it's very sharp." Setting the food carefully on the table, he took the offending object from the other, hesitating only a second before tossing it into the trash. Shifting the contents into somewhat equal shares, he handed the boy a fork.

Taking his own silverware, he sat it aside and returned to the icebox. Withdrawing a pitcher of orange juice, he retrieved two glasses and returned to the table, filling one for himself and then one for the redhead. Watching the other closely, he suppressed a smile at his awkward handling of the cutlery. "Like this, Lavi. Don't push too hard, or it will slide." Guiding the boy's hand, he showed him the proper technique. Sliding his chair closer, he resumed eating, humming when the redhead glanced at the tabletop curiously. "What is it?"

The boy shrugged, gesturing at a small earthenware pot near his elbow. "Nothing. I just wondered what was in that."

Tyki smiled in amusement at his ongoing curiosity, reaching for the item and removing the lid. "It's honey. Usually it's used for sweetening drinks, or for cooking, but I sometimes use it for bread. Would you like to try it?"

Returning his smile, the boy nodded. Taking hold of the attached dipper, Tyki smirked in a moment of playfulness, releasing it and instead dabbing the tip of one finger through the thick substance. Offering it to the other, he hissed in surprise when the redhead accepted eagerly, his lips wrapping tightly around the proffered digit as his tongue lapped at the skin. The boy closed his eyes with a thoughtful sound, his expression rapt as he sucked the remaining bit of flavor away before leaning back.

Regarding the brunette calmly, he sighed. "It's good. I like it."

Reaching for his glass, the man took a large drink, calming himself with effort. "Would you like a bit more, then?" He cleared his throat, nodding at the toast on the other's plate. "It's quite good on toasted bread as well, you should try that."

The redhead nodded, pushing his chair away from the table. Smiling at the other's lifted eyebrows, he reached for the small container, taking hold of the arm of the man's chair. Turning it awkwardly to the side, he sank to his knees, setting the jar beside him. "I might do that later, but I think I'll stick with what I already know I like." With that, he gripped the waistband of the brunette's pants, working the button open with careful movements. Tugging down the zipper, he glanced up at the man's sharp breath. "Help?"

Nodding dazedly, Tyki lifted his hips, allowing the boy to pull the loosened garment down and off. Swallowing around the sudden lump in his throat, he closed his eyes, jumping at the sensation of almost shockingly cold and sticky fingers on his skin. Before he could give voice to his surprise, the cold was replaced by searing heat and wetness, the other's mouth as eager in this place as it had been upon the skin of his finger.

Moaning raggedly, he gripped the arms of his chair, reluctant to give into the urge to seize the boy's bright hair in his passion. The redhead hummed knowingly, the sensation leaving the older man gasping as the wood creaked ominously. Giving in, he buried his fingers in the other's hair, careful not to pull as he panted quickly. "Lavi.. Gods, that-"

The boy lifted his head with a teasing smile, dragging a finger through the cool substance deliberately. Tracing a long line up the man's skin, he dragged his tongue over it in heated imitation. "I was right.. It's very good." Resuming his task, he murmured approvingly at the other's unwilling buck, taking a firm hold on his hips as he sucked lingeringly. Bearing down faintly with his teeth, he licked slow designs over the flesh, pulling back when the man tugged gently at his head. "What? I won't hurt you, Tyki."

The brunette nodded quickly, pulling him up for a kiss. "I know you won't, Lovely.. But the floor here is hardly the best place for such things." Urging him to stand, he carefully stepped over the open jar and his discarded pants, leading the boy in the general direction of his room. Navigating the space between deep kisses and quick fumbling with the other's scant clothes, he stumbled slightly when his knees met the edge of the bedframe. Steadying himself, he sank backwards, pulling the other down to rest between his open legs.

"This is much better, yes? Certainly more comfortable for you.."

The redhead smirked in reply, bending to resume his activities with a low hum of satisfaction. This time, Tyki didn't hesitate to touch the boy's lowered head, his hands mildly shaky as the other increased his efforts to match his murmured encouragements. Struggling to hold still under the onslaught, the brunette tightened his grip on the boy's hair, focussing on the thick softness of it in an effort to regain control of his senses.

As if understanding his reason, the redhead growled quietly, his hands roaming over the man's hips and stomach as he increased his pace. Ignoring his broken attempt at a warning, he took the other as deeply as he could manage, a rough sound of negation showing his intentions more clearly than any spoken words. The brunette arched sharply upwards at the feeling, his eyes wide in startled pleasure as he cried out something vaguely like the boy's name.

Swallowing his essence, the redhead shifted back with a final lick at his skin, breathing quickly even as he met the other's hazy eyes. "Mmm. Maybe we should make a habit of that, Tyki.. It's a better way to start the morning than having me ask you a million questions, right?"

Shaking his head mutely, Tyki lurched half upright, yanking the surprised boy up for a breathless kiss. Licking his way into the other's mouth, he moaned at the mingled taste of himself and honey-sweetness on the redhead's tongue, his hands sliding down to cup the boy's hardened arousal. Squeezing firmly, he was rewarded with a shaken whimper, the redhead's hips rocking forward to press eagerly into the touch.

Shifting to the side of his throat, he nipped at the skin heatedly, following his pulse upward to his ear. "Ask anything you like, Lovely.. Can I ask you a question in return?" The redhead nodded rapidly, wrapping his arm around the man's head to hold him in place.

Licking at his jawline, the older man hummed appreciatively. "Good.. Do you want to stay this way?" He repeated his teasing squeeze, his fingers sliding back to stroke upward from base to tip in emphasis. The boy cried out sharply, shaking his head. Smiling against his thundering heartbeat, Tyki moved his hand still lower. Circling the clenched skin of his entrance, he bit down abruptly on the other's shoulder, his arm tightening around his waist when he arched. "How, Lavi? Do you even care?"

The redhead gasped something that could have been either a blessing or a curse, his fingers digging into the other's back almost painfully as he shuddered. Laughing quietly, Tyki sank backwards onto his bent legs, pulling the boy up to straddle him. "I don't know what you said, Lovely.. But I'm sure you'd stop me if you found something unpleasant, yes?"

He reached carefully behind himself, locating the quickly-emptying bottle by touch. Noting absently that he would need to procure more, he worked the top open as he pressed a steadying hand to the boy's back, tipping the liquid into his hand quickly. Setting it back atop the table, he wasted no time in sinking his fingers purposefully into the redhead's body, seeking out the very seat of his pleasure with sure movements that left him mewling as he rocked back into the touch.

"! Not like- Oh, fuck! Yes!" He clung to the brunette desperately, his face buried in the junction of his neck and shoulder as he bucked. "Please now, I want it! Now!"

The brunette growled an affirmative, withdrawing his hand and turning the boy around in a single quick motion. Molding himself completely against his back, he pressed a hand to the center of his chest, smiling at the obvious thud of his heart beneath the skin. "Can you reach it, Lavi..?" The redhead nodded in instant comprehension, leaning forward to grasp the bottle with sweat-dampened hands. Passing it to the other, he panted at the man's low hiss, remembering the coolness of the glass. He planted his hands firmly against the headboard, his elbows locked to support himself as he waited.

Almost before he'd had time to catch his breath, the brunette took hold of his hips, urging his knees further apart with a soft murmur. Forcing himself to relax, he shifted backward eagerly, choking out a plaintive sound at the hardness pressed against him.

Tyki stroked a hand up his curved spine, gripping his shoulder as he pushed forward as carefully as his urgency allowed. Feeling the other shudder under his hands, he retreated and returned with equal care, holding himself firmly in check until the redhead rolled his weight back with a low growl of impatience. Biting his lip, he increased both force and tempo, timing his movements to match the boy's broken cries. Wrapping his arms about the other's chest and abdomen, he pulled him fully to his knees, the change of angle making his voice catch as he moaned the older man's name pleadingly.

Taking advantage of his position, he nipped at the boy's now-reachable throat and shoulder, sucking at the skin with a quiet murmur. Hearing his broken reply, he lifted his head questioningly, his movements slowing. "What is it, Lavi..?"

The redhead rocked backward jerkily, shaking his head. "Nothing's wrong, just.. Never.. With anybody.." He panted for breath, reaching back to clutch at the man's hips. "Not like you."

Tyki nuzzled against the nape of his neck, one hand lowering to stroke his urgent erection. "This way, you mean? I find that.. very hard to believe, Lovely."

The boy shook his head firmly, arching into his touch. "No..! I mean.. Good. S'never been like.. Oh, there..!" His fingers tightened just shy of bruising, his nails scoring the brunette's thighs as he shuddered. "Just with you! This body.. Even the first time!"

The older man pressed hard against the redhead's chest as his movements became erratic, the boy's nearness made obvious by his desperate attempts to match his rhythm. Feeling his control slip, he intensified his efforts with a moan, urging the other on with heated kisses and nips at his skin. "It is good, Lavi.. Then and now. Come with me..?"

The redhead's replying nod was near-frantic, his head falling back on the man's shoulder as he arched. "Please, yes! Please make me come, I- Tyki! Tyki!" His nails dug into the other's skin hard enough to leave shallow half-moons as he cried out shrilly, spilling himself over the man's hand and his own stomach. The abrupt clench of him left the brunette wordless, his arms tightening as he joined him in his rapture with a hoarse exclamation of pleased surprise.

Releasing his grip on the boy's softened member, he lifted his hand to shoulder height, licking at one finger with a breathless hum. "How strange.. You're almost sweet, Lovely."

The redhead craned his head to stare at him in astounded disbelief, blinking rapidly to clear his vision. "That's.. You.." Swallowing, he laughed shakily. "It's way too soon, but that's fucking hot. I can't believe you just.. Hell. Nevermind."

Shifting, he leaned forward with an uncomfortable murmur, resting on all fours. Glancing over his shoulder, he raised an eyebrow at the man's amusement. "Well..? Aren't you going to clean up?" The brunette smirked meaningfully, lifting his hand a second time. "Not like that! Aren't I supposed to be the dirty one here?"

Tyki laughed quietly, trailing a finger up the inside of the other's thigh. "You are dirty, Lavi.. And extremely attractive when you blush. Besides that, I think I will take a moment to see to this.." He rose to his feet, still audibly amused at the redhead's flustered manner as he walked to the bathroom, turning on the tap with his mostly-clean hand. Taking a fresh washcloth from the shelf, he wet it to cleanse his skin, flinching at the cold water. Rinsing it, he wrung out the excess water before returning to the bedroom, offering it to the other with a smile. "Here you are.. Would you like me to show you where, Lavi?"

The boy's cheeks darkened noticeably as he snatched the cloth, seeing to himself despite his awkwardness. "I can manage, thanks. Here, take it and quit leering at me. Are you going to do anything today? I want to go with you if you're leaving."

Tyki tossed the rag into his hamper, nodding. "I had thought I'd begin my search, Lovely.. But you're more than welcome, providing that we can find... More suitable attire for you." He glanced meaningfully at the boy's cast-offs from before, smiling. "But I'm sure we'll manage. Come with me, for a moment." He strode to his wardrobe, rummaging within it for a moment before pulling out a shirt and slacks, motioning the hesitant redhead nearer. Handing him the shirt, he raised an eyebrow expectantly. "Put it on, Lavi.. It's a bit old, but smaller than what I wear now. It shouldn't be overlarge."

The boy shrugged the garment on, humming at the near-perfect fit. "It's all right, but that's the easy part." Eyeing the brunette's markedly taller frame, he nodded at his still-exposed legs. "No way are any of your pants going to fit me, Tyki. Not unless we roll them up, and then I'd look completely ridiculous.. I can just stay here this time, and you can get me some that'll fit."

Humming, Tyki searched through his clothes a second time, producing a shirt for himself. Pulling it on, he buttoned it quickly, then took two sets of undershorts from a small drawer, handing one to the boy. Stepping into his own, he waited for the other to do like wise, smirking at his faint stumble. "Careful, now.. And let's see what we have to work with, Lavi. Put those on," He nodded at the pants he'd given him, reaching for two pairs of socks. "And I'll take a look. Go on, there's no one here but me and I promise not to laugh."

Lavi scowled at him, pulling them up with jerky movements. Wincing at the almost too-tight feel of them, he buttoned and zipped the front, frowning down the excess length. "See? I look like an idi- You said you wouldn't laugh!"

Schooling his features into seriousness, the brunette cleared his throat. "My apologies.. But it isn't so very bad, Lovely. All it needs is a bit of alteration, nothing too serious. Just a moment.." He strode to the desk, pulling open several drawers before straightening with a satisfied noise. Returning to the boy's side, he held up a small box. "Now, hold very still. I'll only be a minute or two." Sinking to his knees, he looked up at the redhead's surprised breath, smirking. "Aren't we just perfectly dirty-minded.. But that will have to wait until later. Remember, don't move, Lavi."

He opened the box, withdrawing a handful of straightpins and setting it aside carefully, gathering up the material of the boy's pantslegs and inserting pins every so often until both sides hung relatively even. Leaning back to recheck his work, he nodded. "That's fine.. Now, take them off and have a care not to scratch yourself." Waiting for him to comply, he stood, taking the garment from the other with a smile at his curious face. "I'll just cut the worst of it and hem them up a bit. That should do, yes?"

The redhead nodded dumbly, then blinked as the man sat at his desk, locating a slender needle and a spool of thread. Adding a set of scissors to the lot, the brunette made quick work of the unneeded material, setting it atop the desk. Watching him tug out a length of thread and split it with his teeth, the boy laughed as he expertly threaded the needle's eye and took up the pants.

"You sew, Tyki? I really have seen everything.."

Without looking away from his project, the man nodded. "Of course, Lovely. Nothing ornate, but enough to get by. What should I do, run around with my buttons off and my hems fallen? I'm a single man, and I dislike having strangers handle my clothes.. Therefore, I sew." Ignoring the redhead's quiet snickers, he proceeded to lay a simple basting stitch in place, tying off the ends of his thread and beginning the final half of his work. Inspecting the garment closely, he sighed. "That should do.. Come here and let's see, Lavi."

Waiting for him to pull them on again, he hummed at the result, rising to circle the other. "Yes, very nice. Good enough for now? I must say, you cut a fine figure even with your various charms hidden, Lovely."

The boy scowled, attempting to look over his own shoulder. "They're the right length, but.." He turned, lifting the back of his borrowed shirt. "They feel a little.. Tight. Stop smiling, I can't help that you're skinny, Tyki."

The man chuckled, cupping his hands over the redhead's 'example'. "They look fine to me, Lavi.. Almost too good, I could almost forego leaving the house just to get them back off to see what makes them not fit you." Avoiding the other's halfhearted swipe, he stepped back. "I'm afraid that all of my coats would be obviously large, however.. But that shouldn't matter, as a boy of your seeming age would hardly be expected to wear one anyway." Pausing, he raked his eyes over the redhead's figure thoughtfully, suddenly curious. "Exactly how old are you, Lovely? You look to be no more than twenty or so.."

Smirking, the boy waved a hand at him. "Just over three hundred this last summer, I think. More or less. It doesn't really matter when we don't.." He bit his lip, averting his face. "Nevermind, Tyki. Let's just say I'm a lot further along the way than you are. Can we go?"

Wincing at his unwitting reminder of the redhead's plight, Tyki nodded. "As soon as you have your shoes, Lavi. Here, the socks might be too large as well but they'll do." Tending to his own footwear, he smiled as the boy tugged on the socks and then his shoes, admiring the view as he bent to fasten them with practiced movements. "Hm.. Don't do that outside the house, unless you wish to be molested by the population in general, Lavi."

Smirking wickedly back at him, the boy straightened with exaggerated movements, striking a challenging pose. "Heh.. I make this look good."

The seemingly older man laughed in surprise, shaking his head. "Indeed you do, but I'd expect no less.. You are meant to be the very personification of desire, yes?" He sighed at the other's haughtily look, nodding toward the door. "Let's go, before I succumb to your powers of supreme temptation.. Follow me, Lovely." He led the way through the kitchen to the hall beyond, taking his coat from the rack there and opening the front door. Allowing the boy to exit, he pulled on his overcoat, closing and locking the door behind them. Seeing the redhead's wide eyes, he waited for him to look along the length of the street, clearing his throat quietly. "Shall we, then? I'm sure there was a rather shady bookstore near the corner of Haverns and Fourth.."


The afternoon passed quickly despite the redhead's constant stream of questions, and soon they found themselves standing before one last dusty-windowed shop, the age curled pages of the displayed books giving the brunette hope of finding a tome of somewhat less than innocent content. Opening the door, he held it for his companion, his nose wrinkling faintly at the obvious... aroma of the place. Seeing the redhead already well through the first aisle, he hurried casually after him, worried that the boy's curiosity might get the better of him in light of their surroundings.

Looking over the haphazardly stacked and shelved books, he raised an eyebrow at the far-outdated titles, some in languages he couldn't claim to have knowledge of on his best days. A pleased murmur from beside him caught his attention, and he turned to see the other leaning close over a spread of just such obscure novels. "Something useful, Lavi?"

The boy shook his head distractedly, moving steadily down the row with evident glee. "No, nothing you could use to talk to anyone you'd need to, but interesting stuff.. Here's one in Arabic, and a couple in Latin.. And this last one is Italian." Frowning at the man's clear surprise at his knowledge, he shook his head. "I'm not retarded, Tyki.. I just don't know anything about the people who wrote the books. Languages aren't hard when you've had a long time to hear and learn them all, and how did you expect to read an incantation if you don't know what the words mean?"

The brunette smiled faintly, nodding. "I know you aren't stupid, Lovely, I just didn't expect you to be a genius." Sidestepping an elbow, he sniffed hesitantly at the aforementioned books in distaste. "The place isn't very well maintained, is it.. Shall we look over the rest before we die of dust and mold inhalation? It may just be the smell, but I think I feel a bit lightheaded already.."

Lavi nodded, moving to another table. "Nothing here either.. These are just old romance novels." He snickered quietly, pointing out one that still bore traces of gilt around the once-red cover and page ends. "That one shouldn't be with these though.. That's the Kama Sutra. Nice, but definitely not 'romantic'."

The brunette hummed in confusion, making his grin widen. "Call it an instruction manual, Tyki.. See, there was a god and his wife who decided to spend a night trying out all the sexual practices they could manage, but their night lasted for years. Another god listened outside the door, and wrote down all the things he heard. That book is supposed to be the result. They're illustrated, do you want me to tell you what it says?" He reached for the book gingerly, opening the pages to a place near the middle.

The man sucked in a breath at the still viewable pages, the blurred outlines of the drawing nearest detracting not at all from it's indecency. Gaping at the other stupidly, he flushed at his quiet laugh. "Lavi, put that down before it turns to dust. There's nothing here but rotting paper and mildew, let's go."

Biting his lip, the redhead replaced the offending item, following the man outside. "Tyki, if I didn't know better I'd think you were embarrassed.. Don't you even want to know what it said?" Ignoring the brunette's frown, he leaned close, murmuring into one faintly reddened ear. "It said, 'And then the great goddess did mount her husband, and in taking him inside herself did caress both his body and soul most sweetly. Her loins were unto an ember that burnt without harm, and the touch of her hands like a wind to stoke the ember into a consuming flame.'"

Catching the other's wide eye, he smirked. "Have you ever wanted to be a god, Tyki..?" Seeing his unmistakeable flush, he laughed. "Hm. You're very attractive when you blush too, Mr. Degenerate. Do you want to go home now? I could recite you the rest of the book from memory if you like.. But I'd have to show you some parts, since my drawing isn't nearly as good as-"

The brunette covered his mouth with a hand, the palm noticeably damp. "We're too far from a bed for this conversation, Lovely.. And we'll get no nearer to one unless you stop making it uncomfortable to walk." Pressing his free hand to the boy's back, he pulled him forward as if to avoid a convenient passerby, allowing him to feel the clear evidence of his discomfort before releasing him. Smiling down at him, he bent to return his whispered teasing. "I should also think you'd wish to avoid making yourself uncomfortable, Lavi.. You said before that my clothes were a bit too formfitting for you."

The redhead snorted quietly, meeting his gaze. "I'm not. Besides, I was created to feed on sex, what's your excuse, Tyki?"

The man laughed softly, shaking his head. "You intend to satisfy your hunger on me. That's plenty of reason to excuse anything."

The trip back to the brunette's home was companionably silent, with only a few questions and comments from the boy, and before darkness had fully set in they were entering the house, the man once again holding the door for the other. As soon as it closed behind him, the redhead was pressed full-length against him, his fingers twisting the older-seeming man's buttons through their holes and removing his shirt even as he sealed their lips together with a low growl. Feeling him toe off his shoes carefully, he made quick work of his belt, pantsbutton and zipper, fingers dipping beneath the material to cup his heated skin with an approving murmur.

"Are we close enough now, Tyki..? You were right, we skipped breakfast and all that walking has me completely famished." He didn't bother to wait for a response, hooking his fingers in the loosened garments and shoving them down with only minimal care for the man's comfort. Laughing at his surprised expression, he backed away, taking hold of the other's arm to lead him after he stepped out of his fallen clothing. Pausing just inside the kitchen doorway, he drew him in for a second kiss, this one far more demanding than the last.

Lifting his head with a gasp, he leaned upward to nibble at the man's throat, his free hand busy mapping the proof of the other's willingness. "Better? Oh, you said the floor here wasn't good enough didn't you.." He continued to retreat, backing as far as the footboard of the bed before stopping. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled faintly, leaving the brunette staring after him as he walked to the bedside table. Taking the small container from the top of it, he returned, pressing the cool glass into the man's hand as he resumed his ministrations.

"Keep an eye on that, Tyki.. We'll be needing it and I don't intend to let go of you anytime soon." He sank to his knees carefully, urging the other down along with him. Raising his face for a kiss, he leaned backward onto his elbows, moaning when the brunette immediately moved to cover him with a soft mutter of agreement. He wrapped his legs around the man's hips, rocking into his weight deliberately. "Why am I like this, Tyki? I know what I said, but it's more than just that.. I want you so fucking bad.."

Tyki hissed at the friction between them, setting the almost forgotten bottle aside to free both hands. Using one for support, he began to unfasten the boy's shirtfront eagerly, lowering his head to lap at the dark skin of a nipple as it was exposed. Teasing it into hardness, he repeated the process on the opposite side before attempting a reply between kisses and divesting the redhead of his remaining clothes. "I don't know, Lovely.. But I'm not of a mind to deny you. Lift your hips." He urged the other to release his hold, moving back to remove his shoes and garments with a hum. "Thank you. Was there something in particular that you wanted, or..?"

The boy nodded firmly, reaching for him impatiently. "You. Please..?" He smiled at the man's quick nod, his arms winding around his back to pull him down for a kiss. The brunette allowed himself to be moved without qualm, one arm resting beside the boy's lifted head for support as he shifted against him deliberately.

Leaning back, he growled softly at the redhead's muttered protest, the faint press of fingernails against his skin giving wordless proof of the boy's want. "Now, now, Lavi.. Pleasant as this is, I need a bit more space to give you what you've asked for." He waited for the boy to release his tight hold, rising to his knees as he reached for the nearby bottle. Working it open, he tipped a generous amount of liquid into his palm, setting the container aside carefully. Lowering his hand, he curled his fingers around the redhead's obvious arousal, smirking at his surprised buck into the touch. Holding his gaze, he established an intentionally teasing pace, noting the redhead's quickly growing impatience.

Panting rapidly, the boy lifted his hips insistently, growling when the other slowed his motions deliberately. "Stop doing that! You don't have to- Dammit!" He closed his eyes tightly, struggling to follow the man's motions despite his protests.

The brunette hummed in amusement, squeezing firmly. "Does it not feel good, Lavi..? You're shaking so hard, I almost wonder if I should simply finish you like this." He twisted his hand carefully, grazing the tip with the ball of his thumb. Smiling wickedly at the redhead's broken cries, he repeated the act steadily, pushing down his own desire as he watched the boy intently. "Let go, it's fine if you enjoy yourself.."

Lavi scowled up at him, shaking his head. "It isn't fine! I already told you what I wanted, so you should just get on with it!" He caught the brunette's wrist tightly, halting his movements. "There's no reason for you to drag it out, I'm not going to break and I'm not going to change my mind. You asked a question, and I answered it.. And I still mean what I said." The older man shook off his hold carefully, bracing himself on his free hand.

Pushing the boy back onto his elbows, Tyki straddled his thighs, pinning him in place. "You only said me, didn't you..? Then have me, Lavi." He stroked the redhead's aching skin with his slickened hand, smiling at his shaking arch into the touch. "Is it so difficult to simply enjoy yourself..? You act as if no one's bothered to do this for you, surely one of your many conquests took their pleasure from pleasing you?" He frowned at the other's panted negative, pouring more oil into his hand and replacing the lid. Dropping the bottle to the side, he resumed his efforts, breathing deeply as the boy closed his eyes with a faint mewl of want.

Rising to his knees, he settled higher along the redhead's hips, his weight resting on one arm as he bent to kiss his open mouth. Feeling his urgent shivers, he smiled against his lips, tracing the lower one with his tongue. "Then let me be the first for that as well, Lovely." He halted his motions, shifting his grip lower as he rocked backward against the boy's body purposefully, swallowing his surprised cry as he guided the other inside himself with a shaken moan.

Moving his hand away entirely, he placed it beside the boy's head for stability, forcing himself to relax as the redhead whimpered something he couldn't understand. "I don't know what that means, Lavi.. Say it again..?"

Swallowing around the tightness in his throat, the boy attempted to speak clearly enough for comprehension. "I said.. Please move, before I lose my mind, Tyki.. You feel.. Oh, God!" He clenched his teeth as he fought to stay still, the man's slow rise and decent leaving him at a loss. "Please yes..! Don't stop, that's.. Fuck, it's perfect-" Again he slipped back into his own tongue, the faintly guttural tone of it failing to conceal his obvious pleading as he raised his hips in open invitation.

Tyki gasped at the sharp flare of pleasure brought on by the movement, grinding himself back in an effort to feel more. "Lavi.."

The redhead bucked in response, his eyes wide as the man arched his back with a low cry of pleasure at the sensation. "You.. You like this. You really.. Please, then.." He repeated the motion, lifting an unsteady hand to the other's hip with a moan. "Do it.. Take what you need, Tyki."

The brunette nodded rapidly, leaning back to support himself with a hand on the boy's chest. The change of angle wrenched a startled cry from the redhead, his fingers tightening against the man's skin as he echoed the sound breathlessly. Laughing faintly at his own verbosity, Tyki quickened his pace, timing his movements in reply to the other's half-legible pleas. Though still faintly painful from lack of proper preparations, he found the act to be well worth the fading discomfort, in light of the boy's obvious enjoyment. Hissing at a particularly intense flare of pleasure, he added his own satisfaction to the accounting, the remaining burn in his muscles becoming completely negligible when weighed against the surprisingly good sensations that replaced it.

Lavi forced himself to his elbows, moaning raggedly at the man's steady motions. Balancing himself carefully, he reached to thread a hand into the other's hair, urging him down for a kiss that was more teeth and tongues than it might otherwise have been. Feeling the brunette's arms move to wrap around his shoulders, he hummed against his mouth in agreement, pushing himself into a sitting position with only minor difficulties. Using his now free hand, he took hold of the man's waist, assisting his gradually faltering movements.

Breaking the kiss, he gasped something undeniably praising in nature, his fingers still curled around the brunette's sweat-dampened skin as he lowered the one in his hair from its place. Following the curve of the other's neck and shoulder, he stroked along his back to the hip, pulling him down almost roughly. The answering growl made him shudder, and he repeated the act with an encouraging sound. Bending his head, he licked a wet line up the man's chest, pausing to nip at a place that made him tighten his arms in response.

"This is good.." He murmured against his skin, sucking at the faintly reddened mark left by his teeth. "But you'll still do me later, won't you? We can do it just like this.." The man nodded feverishly, eyes closed as he pressed closer. Hissing at the nearness of his limits, the redhead increased his own efforts to match, rocking upward with a hungry growl. "Wonder if you'll come as hard then as you're about to now..? Let me feel it, Tyki. You're already so tight that it almost hurts." He moaned sharply at the other's urgent sound, feeling the telltale coil of desperation in his muscles. Wrapping his arms tightly around the brunette's hips, he ground their bodies together purposefully, biting down on the other's shoulder as the man spasmed violently around him.

The sheer force of his release was astonishing, and the older man's replying motions only heightened the experience, his own pleasure evidenced by his broken cries and a rush of searing wetness as he clung to the breathless redhead. His nails dug hard into the boy's back, leaving crescent-shaped proofs of his enjoyment that neither took notice of in their shared bliss.

Returning the brunette's tight hold, Lavi struggled for breath, pressing damp kisses to the skin nearest his lips. Tasting a faint hint of copper, he leaned back, licking his lips curiously. "Oh, Hell.." The clear imprint of his teeth stood out even against the other's olivine complexion, several of the marks oozing blood. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to actually-"

The older man laughed softly, holding out one hand for inspection. Nodding at the smudges of crimson along the fingertips, he shrugged. "All's fair, Lavi.. I highly doubt that either of us is particularly upset at being wounded." Humming in discomfort, he shifted his weight, lifting himself to allow the other to slip free of his body. Smirking, he trailed a finger along the blatant evidence of their activities, his smile widening at the redhead's strangled sound. "Hm..? Oh, don't worry, Lovely.. My perversity doesn't extend quite that far."

Lavi frowned at his amusement, digging a hand into his hair to haul him forward. "I don't mind that you scratched me, I mind that I hurt you." Glancing at the now-swelling mark, he shook his head. "If I weren't like this, I could have really done some damage, you know. I'm usually a lot more careful than that." Easing his grip, he tilted his head upward invitingly, sighing in satisfaction when the older man bent to meet him with a wordless smile.

Despite their usually intense encounters, the contact stayed just short of chaste, the merest hint of lazy passion drawing a soft sound from the brunette's throat. Leaning back, he blinked at the boy's almost confused expression, catching his attention with a low hum. "What is it, Lavi?"

The redhead shook his head slowly, his fingers flexing against the older man's head. "It's nothing, I just.. Could we do that again, Tyki? Just one more time?" He scowled at the other's lifted eyebrow, huffing indignantly. "Not everything, I meant.." He shook his head quickly, averting his gaze. "Nevermind, just forget about it."

Inhaling sharply, Tyki deduced his meaning. "The kiss, Lovely..? Of course we can do that, whyever would you ask like you expect me to refuse you?" He caught the redhead's face in his hands, urging his head up gently. "Ask me for whatever you wish, I already promised to do anything in my power for you." He pressed their mouths together carefully, his hold only just firm enough to be felt as he sighed at the fleeting brush and cling of the other's lips. Feeling the redhead's quick shiver, he murmured in agreement, deepening the contact by slow degrees.

The boy's shaken response was oddly exhilarating, but it was the hesitant grasp of his fingers that spurred the brunette to press closer, the mild ache of his muscles forgotten as he stroked the other's neck and jaw with barely-there touches. Drawing careful patterns along the redhead's tongue, he hummed approvingly at his low moan, allowing him to pull away with a contented sound. "Better, Lavi?"

The boy regarded him with widened eyes, nodding faintly. "Great, but.." He swallowed audibly, shaking off a brief spat of chills. "Is that.. Normal? I mean, it was nice and all, but nothing really sexual.." The other's raised eyebrow made him pause, struggling for exactly what he meant to ask. "I just wanted to do it, even if we weren't doing anything else. I've never really noticed how it felt, but.." He sighed, shaking his head. "Everything's different now, I guess. At least it wasn't different in a bad way, right?"

Tyki blinked in surprise, tipping his head curiously. "Everything, Lavi? You act as if you've never really noticed a good many things.. But how different could it be? It's only sensation, surely you could feel such things as you were?" The redhead's answering nod only served to deepen his confusion. "Then how is it not the same? Isn't a kiss still just a kiss?"

Lavi bit his lip, shrugging. "It is, but it's not. I already told you that I don't understand it myself, didn't I?" He pressed a hand to the other's chest, it's mate mimicking the action against his own skin. "Even this isn't quite the same.. Touching you feels like.. You just feel more there." His fingers slipped downward to the man's side, lingering over his ribs. "Nobody else was like that, it's like I was wearing gloves every other time I touched a human. This body's the same way, it feels like there was something between me and them, and now there isn't."

Laughing quietly, the older man shook his head. "I think I see.. But does it bother you, Lavi? You don't really seem to mind so very much.." He shifted to the side, sitting carefully by the frowning redhead. "Perhaps it won't be so noticeable when you've had more time to adjust, yes? But in the meantime, feel free to take advantage-"

The boy elbowed him none-too-gently in the ribs, snorting. "Uh-huh. Of course you wouldn't mind." He eyed the amused brunette closely, glancing down at himself with a hum. "Well, could I also feel free to take another bath..? You could come too, I don't mind sharing.."

Tyki nodded quickly, pushing himself upright with a wince. "Certainly, Lovely.. Goodness, I should add towels and washcloths to the shopping list along with clothes for you.. Having you here makes it very difficult to stay clean for any length of time."

The redhead's indignant scowl made his smile widen, and he gestured at the bathroom door with a slight bow. "After you, Lavi.. Unless you wish to further explore your newfound sensitivity?" He backed away from the blushing other nimbly, grateful that he'd retained most of his youthful agility. Waving a placating hand, he forced himself into mock seriousness. "Or not.. Then again, there is something to be said for patience.. We could wait until it isn't so much of an issue, if you'd prefer."

The boy laughed quietly, advancing with obviously mischievous intent. "Not on your life, Tyki."


There. Part two, hooray. Bookkbaby is still accountable for this crazy thing XD

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